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  1. I’m so glad Alice is alive and well. Curious that she is so close to home but won’t come home. Do you think it’s because of Alfie?

  2. Naughty little Alice! we had two cats many years ago and then got a delightful little Bichon pup,they went in the huff for months! Hope you are ok Alison,there is a sense of sadness about your posts just now xx

  3. What a relief that little Alice is alive and well. Perhaps you could get a friend or neighbour to catch Alice for you if she associates you with the puppy and take it from there. Best of luck. Alison

  4. So glad that Alice is around, albeit in stealth mode. It’s encouraging she is so close, discouraging she is so far. I think that Alfie crimped her style. Give it time, wait for it to turn colder, she is nearby and knows she is wanted.
    I cheer for the gluten free Fish & Chips. My daughter has anaphylactic allergies, so food can be a killer, and it’s such a happy occasion when you can eat something perfectly ordinary to other people but extraordinary for you.
    You do sound a little low; you are doing a great job and are much beloved.

  5. I’m pleased to hear that Alice is still around. She will turn up again when she’s ready. We had one who did something very similar to this and was wooed back with plates of sardines brought progressively closer to the house each night. You will get through this – all of it – and life will brighten again. Take care. x

  6. My baby has turned 18 and I am going through a grieving process of sorts I fear…..for all of a sudden everything is responded to with ‘I am an adult’ as if she is cutting my apron strings from her by force….. relish every single moment you can with your baby!
    And on a much lighter – though none the less benchmarking note for us Gluten intolerents – please tell me where there is a Gluten free chip shop in Formby???!!! Though I live in Hertfordshire, we have recently been ‘re-united’ with family in Crosby and were within a sniff of Formby the other week! And on a Monday too! As I hope we will be paying many more visits to the area, this would be a treat for me as I haven’t eaten proper fish and chips for years and years! And can Finley eat vinegar? I am always worried about malt vinegar…
    This was written beautifully Alison and I hope my deviation hasn’t bothered you – it’s just a coincidence I cannot ignore in my excitement!

  7. I love the way you write, Alison. I’ve missed out on your blog for a few years. Going through my own life trials. But I have recently added you to my feedly, and realized how much I missed reading your blog, consistently. Cant believe how old Finn is getting. But I have a great feeling he will always love being close to you. Alice, not so much as that is the nature of cats. I do agree with the food enticing method though – for cats and boys 😉 Hugs to you from North Dakota, USA.

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