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  1. You are doing ok! really you are, you are so positive, and you know this year belongs to you, do with it as you wish, make it a really good one, as for the mouse? I had a wee beastie in the kitchen once and I rang the pest control dept at the local council,and a man came out and got rid.Oh, and i hope your hoover is a super duper highly expensive turbo model.Sod the expense.xx

  2. Good for you Alison. Well done! It is fine to keep hold of all the good memories but keeping bad ones is definitely a bad idea. I think you will feel much lighter now those things are gone. It's very brave of you and I think it will be worth it.
    Just one question? What's it got to do with Mark if you're buying a new hoover? Maybe it's powerful enough to suck him up into the bag and then you could throw him away too!
    I'm sure the mice will go away soon. They obviously love your lovely vintage home.

  3. Mark should BUY YOU a new HOOVER for all the crap he put you through. Burn his sweatshirt. And then vacuum up the ashes.
    Tee hee hee…

  4. My own life has had some of those momentos and torturous reminders of my failures. As I've slowly allowed myself to rid of them- there is a freedom that comes after the initial shock.
    Thanks for reminding me to keep searching – to keep letting go of the things that don't bring happiness, but only pain.

  5. Dear Alison, my heart goes out to you at this moment.My very own Mark,the love of my life, has just a few days before xmas admitted he felt stifled and has suggested we spend time apart to "see if he misses me."
    I am absolutely devastated and don`t know if I`m coming or going.
    He says he misses the old me! What is it with these blokes?
    Keep your pecker up old girl, I`m rooting for you through the tears.

  6. Hi Alison,
    I love your blog. He should pay for the hoover. When my family moved across the country, from Arizona to Chicago, I shredded two enourmous bins of "stuff" and it made me feel free. I purged everything that didn't give me warm memories. It is hard enough to forget the bad ones. Good Luck.

  7. Oh Baby,you're on the way up now, this post proves that.the mice will go I promise, with the help of your Dad and a couple of traps! As for Scott and Mark neither of them ever deserved you in the first place and now your life can only get better. Nite Nite xx

  8. Hi Alison
    My dear da said that the mouse that almost jumped on me when I disturbed it's harem in our workshop is a most heroic soul. After all, he makes the long trek from the creek, through the workshop (where he slumbers) ~ right to the front of the garden where he snacks on seeds, selflessly dropped by our pet cockatoo!
    Hmmmph! I don't think so…
    Mr Time is a great healer, darling. Chin chin,

  9. GOOD for you!!!!!!
    I did something similar, I had a bunch of photos, etc from an old love. I wrote to him, asking if it was ok to send them back– he responded that he was hurt I wouldn't want to keep them (ugh). Just this week, I put them in the bin to be shredded.
    I honestly feel like a weight has been lifted.

  10. So, Mark, after lying, cheating and breaking up your home thinks he has the right to criticize you for buying a new vacuum? How did you stop yourself from beating him to death with it???
    I think you're smart to get rid of those things that prick your poor heart….it's been through enough.
    Have faith, love, things will get better!
    God bless!

  11. Ooh, I just read a great book on this kind of thing. You should read "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle, that is of course if you haven't already. It's really had an effect on me.

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