Off In A Motor Car!

By Alison March 10, 2012 5 Comments 1 Min Read

I have the best friends. Today Kath and Diane are whisking me away to who knows where to celebrate my impending (doom) fortieth birthday. I only know that I need to be ready by one o’clock and I won’t be back until tomorrow!
How lovely and downright exciting is that? We are going on an adventure…
So while Richard is fitting new kitchen worktops and painting the front of the house white, Finley will be off trampolining with Daddy and I will hopefully find myself ensconced somewhere pretty and wonderful. Or else you will find me in Blackpool. Giggling into my candy floss and wearing a Kiss Me Quick hat!
I’m so blessed aren’t I?
[vimeo w=500&h=350]
In my absence, have a thoroughly scrumptious weekend yourself and if you can spare twenty minutes or so, make yourself tea in a china cup, and settle down for a Downton-esque escape from reality…
P.S: Follow me on Twitter and Instagram to find out where we end up, and I’ll post as many pictures as I can…


  1. @RetroMother says:

    Oh have fun darling – look forward to the tweets xx
    My recent post Well it's Friday folks

  2. @RetroMother says:

    Oh have fun darling – look forward to the tweets xx
    My recent post Well it's Friday folks

  3. bh32707 says:

    How wonderful to have friends with an imagination for an adventure. You are a lucky duck. Can't wait to find out what and where.
    Happy Birthday to you, spend your day better than a rock star, Allison!!

  4. Diane says:

    Happy 40th Birthday Alison! I have loved seeing your pictures! I had an adventure on my 40th too, you'll love the memory. Diane is darling and I loved her scarf, how chic. I am far away so I am going to copy 🙂 I hope you have so much fun together, kid free, much as we love them it does an adult good, yes? I'm having a great weekend too, down in South Florida with some of my best friends, hubby, brother and sis in law who is truly a sister to me. Yay for Birthday Celebrations and Spring Break to us all!!

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