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  1. I love the first tip. My brown sugar was all clumped when I made my soup tonight. I shall 100% be doing this. Infact I think I have a broken pot that I can clean up and use.

  2. Some of these were absolutely fabulous! I do prefer to use vinegar to rid my kettle of limescale, though. Fill kettle 3/4 of the way with water, pour in 1/4 of the way with white vinegar. Let set overnight. pour out in morning, have a good rinse then start your morning cuppa.

    1. Oh but you can Ali, it's fairly widely available and that company Roullier White are doing a Shoo Away Spider Chestnut Oil product in their organic housekeeping range too, called Leg It

  3. The baking soda absolutely does wonders to canvas bags! I didn't know about the Epsom Salts, though. Will have to try it with my sad dishcloths on Thursday (Kitchen cleaning day).

  4. I had no idea about the ketchup, but since I never have silver cleaner, will definitely give this a try. I tend to lean on baking soda for this, but it's not perfect for the job. Thanks! 🙂

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