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  1. I love a rambling post, you are an inspiration. I, for one, am more than happy to wait for your posts as and when you are ready to post. You’ve had one hell of a ride over the past few years.

  2. This was wonderful. I pray yours and Finns lives continue to smooth out. Ive been reading your blog since Finn was tiny and gosh you’ve had some heartache. I send you nothing but good thoughts and wishes for a life centered around contentment. Peace be with you.

  3. Loved reading you post. You are truly an inspiration! You are assisting me to take stock of my life, to live a more satisfying and enjoyable way of life. For this i am extremely grateful

  4. So glad things are looking up! Also, wanted to thank you for mentioning that Miss Petitfour book a while back. My daughter and I just finished it as our read-aloud (she’s 7, and while I originally checked it out of the library for myself, I knew after one chapter that she would love it too)–such a lovely book, and I know I would not have come across it on my own. So thank you for sharing it, and enabling us to enjoy a lovely literary treat!

  5. I feel like we are on a similar jag of the road….we are not in our big rambling 1920’s house with such soul and character, all wooden floors and hidden nooks….instead we live in a rented cottage in California with a newly renovated kitchen. It sounds oddly un-me but its also so strangely relieving. The best kind simplicity for me at the moment. Your new digs sound positively medicinal too.

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