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  1. Bravo!! ? Indeed, one of the most lovely characteristics of BrocanteHome is that I get to develop “she-whom-I-choose-to-be” all in the context of consistent prompts, self evaluations, encouragement, challenges and a plethora of lovely ideas for our most sacred places to pick and choose from as works for me!! ???

  2. Amen and amen! I can’t imagine why (or even how) someone would try to box themselves in that way. I *could* try to portray myself as a woman who adores Paris, classical music, the ballet and afternoon tea sipped from a china cup and saucer. But what about the part of me that lives in the country, used to raise chickens, and likes to bake bread from freshly ground wheat? Or the part that belongs to a pirate group in New Orleans? Or the part that promotes bands and loves Nine Inch Nails concerts? All of those things…and more…are true.
    I suspect the lack of authenticity is rooted in insecurity. I’ve been re-watching “Keeping Up Appearances” recently and Hyacinth’s airs are truly a reflection of her need to be accepted by others. At the other end of the spectrum we have Onslow. He is completely comfortable in his own skin and honestly, that’s rather refreshing.

  3. Bravo Alison. Your post encapsulates exactly what I love about this community. Brocante Home has been a part of my neighbourhood for a few years now. Occasionally and more and more frequently I call in for a cosy pot of tea and an ever warm welcome. I feel comfortable here, the crockery is pretty, even though it is mismatched and I can wear my track pants when I visit if I want. There is no judgement. But don’t be fooled. Even though the chances of finding a perfectly baked macaroon are slim, magic dwells within these walls.

  4. This post is exactly why I love Brocantehome, and Alison, so much! Thank you for being here and being you. You help me to be the best version of me!

  5. Thank you Alison for putting this into words. I am so glad to be along for the journey with you all, daily exploring the authentic me that has been lost for so long. The daily encouragement here really is helping me untangle myself from the muddle of living to someone else expectations and asking myself what are my dreams, my ideas, my voice. Brocante home is a valued string in the tapestry of my days.

  6. I feel like you have read my mind!! I used to love reading blogs and watching YouTube channels regarding homemaking and elevating everyday life but have recently given up them up (all except this one of course). I just got so fed up with the competitiveness around it, each blogger/youtuber trying to outdo the other. It is, as you said, like school – if you don’t do this or have that you can’t be in our gang. It’s exhausting.

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