On Delivering Life To Your Door

By Alison August 5, 2011 1 Comment 1 Min Read
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Even those of us who deeply adore our homes find cause to leave them daily. Not always because we want to, but often because we must: to ferry children forwards and backwards, to attend jobs and visit friends and family, and though shutting the door on our only little safe havens is occasionally a wrench, entering the big wide world is simply part of being alive – something we must do if only to allow the sun to sprinkle a little vitamin D across our ghostly pallour…
So yes: there is always reason to close the door on our lavender scented havens, and it simply wouldn’t do at all to declare ourselves shabby little hermits and avoid the world outside our four walls altogether, even if our homes remain the centre of our creative universes. But that said, we don’t have to abandon the house and all that it has to offer us in terms our nurturing our souls and kick-starting all our dreams just to go do the dull stuff either. We can reserve outings, and the time, creative energy and money they consume for children, work and family. For creative excursions of the Simply Abundant kind, for treasure hunting, walks in the forest, picnics with friends, tra-la-laing through the village with our baskets swinging from our arm as we simultaneously take our daily exercise and shop for an armful of flowers. For the pretty and the precious things in this life, but never for the dull stuff.
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  1. As soon as I’m out of debt, the first thing I’m gonna do is subscribe to all of the fab things you have on offer!

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