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  1. Just very slightly over a year ago, hubby and I left the church where we’d been members for nearly 8 years, and began going to and joined another one. We’d been at the first since our second child was a newborn, and had three more children in that time. It was hard to leave, but the kids absolutely ADORE the new one; they love everything about it and they’re blossoming. They have lots of new friends; they’re participating in all kinds of activities, and the place is filled with caring, involved parents and staff. It’s a large church, but my children know so many people that it feels small.
    It’s the best decision we ever made.

  2. Alison, I just went through the exact same change. We moved home in December, and I was adamant the boys would stay at the schools they were attending, the school I’d attended as a child, whose teachers I knew so well. But as the weeks went by I knew something wasn’t right. The distance from the community began to show the cracks in the schools, and I began to understand why my eldest was often incredibly emotional.
    So we moved them. To a school which has not got the glowing Ofsted report of the previous schools, but feels right for the boys. A CofE school, with 20 student class sizes, that practices daily massage circles, and has lovely children.
    Like you I was so nervous on their first day. I didn’t know what to expect. But they came home so happy, each with a new group of friends, and have both been happy ever since. I’m so glad I made the move. I feel more relaxed, the boys are more relaxed, and I’m confident they will both do very well.

  3. I am so glad Finn is happy! I am so glad he will always have the tool of TM in his life. Letting go of what is not best for you is a liberating thing to do. Please know that we all wish for Finn the best possible things in life and hope that while we turned out to be a disappointment for you and him, that he will remember some of the good things too. Good luck Finn, you deserve to be happy and successful.

    1. Oh my Goodness… I’m not sure who I’m talking, but please know that Finley treasures every single moment he spent in your school.
      That I credit it with instilling in him an absolute confidence in who he is, that he has taken with him to the new school, and that I am absolutely certain that your school will eventually thrive too once existing bumps in the road are ironed out, but that my sons school life is short and I didn’t feel like we had time to wait it out.
      There are so many wonderful people in both the Primary and the Secondary that I so very much wish I could thank individually. People in whom I saw nothing but absolute good and I know that I will always, always be grateful to have had the opportunity to have them share their peace of mind with my son.
      I truly wish you all the very best and I’m so sad to no longer be a part of what remains a lovely community.

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