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  1. Agreed.And as a big believer in manifesting change,the first step is always grattitude,giving thanks attracts more good things into our lives,Thank you for the reminder Alison! see? I am grateful for Alison! xx

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Finley!
    Gratitude. It is what the Dr. has ordered!!!
    Thank you for all the puttery treats, the book lists and the ebay treasures!!!
    Thank you for showing us how to do certain things that take to much creative effort on our part to think of. Not being a creative source I love this about you and your lovley blog!!

  3. I am so very grateful for your blog and for having found it and all your wonderful connections on the internet. I've recently gone thru a terrible tragedy and am looking for gratitude in all the little everyday things. It is not easy, but I am progressing.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! For we Canadians, whether home or abroad as I am, its celebrated on the second Monday in October. But like you, I still enjoy sending seasonal wishes to my American friends who observe the holiday later.
    I had a nasty shock earlier today, thanks to something that occurred at work, and was feeling very disappointed and ticked off. Your post has reminded me that everyone is fallible and this too shall pass. With the Christmas season almost upon us, Advent is this Sunday, I've got happier things to occupy my thoughts with.
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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