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  1. Every Monday night, my friend Lisa comes to visit me. We used to take Salsa classes together on a Monday, and when they stopped, we decided to keep on meeting up. Lisa is a vintage girl too, she could be Lizzy from Pride and Prejudice. We have these conversations about Mr Darcy's idea of an accomplished woman and what we think the modern accomplishments should be, and what we wish to learn. I am so glad we are not alone! If it gives you an idea of our delightful silliness, we used to seal our letters with sealing wax (we write less now, with her being home from Univeristy). The only trouble is, I at least, am much better at starting projects than finishing them. Perhaps this time I really will learn to do calligraphy?

  2. Hi Alison,
    I just like to let you know how much I like your vintage blog. I really enjoy reading it. I've also joined your forum today. And I'm very glad you have one!
    For me you have already accomplished a lot by having created such a lovely communitiy which is making so many people happy. Keep up the good work!

  3. My grandmother was an "accomplished" woman. She was constantly teaching me to sew, cook, bake, iron, she signed me up for piano lessons. She knew the domestic secrets… When to take down the sheers and put up drapes, how to fold a king-size comforter into a tiny square. I rebelled against much of her teaching, and, now that I am teaching myself to sew, I call her for advice all of the time. It makes me sad to think how well of a seamstress I would be now, if I had listened then.

  4. Oh boy … I've started sooo many things but never finished or learnt to do properly … but at least with each new thing there's always some little piece of knowledge that you take away. Don't feel bad Alison … You're not alone with your modern disease … I think it's called 'lack of time'. We all rush so much these days.

  5. Could your Gran use a computer like you do? Could she write and bring her world to life via words and share them with the world?
    Just becuse you cannot embroider a set of pillow cases (but, you CAN buy vintage ones!), does not mean you are not accomplished. I learned to sew, cross stitch, embroider, draw, paint, and all sorts of "stuff". They are there, but mostly dormant. I don't think it makes me any more or less a woman who does not know how to do these things. Just enjoy and love being YOU, the best YOU you can be. And that is enough…….

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