On One Thing At A Time

By Alison April 23, 2014 No Comments 1 Min Read

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If you are not of an organised nature, creating and adhering to a routine is horribly difficult. It means forcing yourself to do a whole list of things when you would really rather be doing more interesting stuff instead. It means setting aside the creative to do the necessary and despite knowing all the wonderful promises doing the necessary brings, still feeling that niggle, nay that raw scratch of pure irritation as you shuffle through the house, pretending to be committed to performing a routine in the manner of a resentful circus monkey.
I have long nagged you about the benefits of routine. I have even tried to jolly things up by insisting you pretty up your days with personal ritual too, but I am aware that for some of you, both routine and ritual are difficult to instigate. That your brain just doesn’t work like that. Or that your job makes it impossible. Or the kids have got you so harried you can barely think straight.
Darling, I know…
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