One Thousand Reasons To Feel Guilty

By Alison July 9, 2008 2 Min Read


Mum, I miss Paul.

So do I Sweetheart.

Well then? What are you waiting for?? Let’s go and see him!

We can’t baby. Paul is very busy at the moment.

What’s he doing? Chewing a brick??  Doesn’t he love you anymore?

I don’t know Finley.

Does Daddy love you Mummy?

Yes Finn. Daddy loves us both.

So why doesn’t he live in our house like other boy’s Daddies?

Well I guess Daddy just decided he needed to live at Pop’s.

Yes but Mummy how am I going to get a brother if we haven’t got a Daddy in our house?

Well I’m not sure baby. Maybe it will just be me and you and that will be wonderful because we love each other so very much?

No, I want a brother. Mum, I’ve had an idea!


Why don’t you get another boyfriend and do a special hug with him and then when we’ve got our baby you could get rid of him, like you got rid of Daddy!

Oh Finley, that isn’t what happened. Mummy didn’t get rid of Daddy.

And then you got rid of Paul. Bet you forgot to ring him and now he’s cross.

No Sweetie, I didn’t get rid of anyone and I swear I didn’t forget to ring him.

Even if he’s cross with you, he won’t be cross with me. Because there’s one person Paul loves in our house Mum!

Who’s that baby?

Me of course! Anyway let’s get a cat instead of a baby. Cat’s are calmer than babies and I don’t want a demented Mummy. Are you demented Mummy?

Yes Son, I am. Is it any wonder?


  1. Scatter says:

    I’m so happy you I can read your blog entry without a magnifying glass today!
    Raising children ‘aint’ for weaklings!

  2. Polly says:

    Beautiful! He said sweet innocent things so beautifully. You handled it beautifully.
    Making babies is easy – Growing them up is the hard part! Same with Kitties =)Blessings… polly

  3. karen b says:

    Finley is growing so quickly–
    he’s just beautiful with all of those curls!!

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