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  1. First of all, dearie, life is not always all about lemons and lavendar. I think we've all become friends here and we understand that your life has taken a turn and that finding a new normal is taking all your energy right now. Being authentic is about being honest with yourself and the people around you, which sounds like exactly what you're doing. So don't you worry your pretty little head. And that's all I've got to say about that.

  2. Oxford sounds like the perfect medicine you need now. A little vacation away from it all will definitely help you do some soul searching and clear your head from all of this confusion….enjoy the peacefulness of white…It's a wonderful canvas for painting a brand new world.
    Annabelle xo

  3. You are a precious, precious soul who has wonderful gifts . . . redirection, refocus, renewal, and rebirth of the soul and spirit is a wonderful thing on the other side and I believe continually happens in those of us who are willing, to whatever degree, to allow God to work in us, to give up control and just surrender to who you are to be. Blessings!

  4. I think a little break sounds like just what you need right now. I don't think you should worry too much about what other people are thinking of you. You've been through a really tough summer and you've got to take care of yourself. If that takes a little time for you then that's what you need. Have a really lovely time in Oxford. The white room sounds beautiful. Enjoy it.

  5. You are coping with grief ;grieving – it is similar to a breavment – dont try to bounce back all the time, you have to live through it with all its attendant anxiety and depression – dont fight it – there is light at the end of the tunnel. You are looking at a year minimum maybe more. Who said love and work bind people to sanity. Maybe work would be good after a while, maybe your salvation ?

  6. You have friends from all over the world who read your blog no matter what, and it has more to do with your soul than with lavender and lemons. All of us went through hardship. We understand you need to write about your ups and downs to cope with grief and change. No need to apologize. Hang in there, give it time, it's all going to be allright. Have fun in Oxford.

  7. Oh, how if feels comforting to read your blog, your life in its most intimate of emotions, you are an inspiring woman and even in your times of strife you have that gift of putting it into words that strikes home to so many of us, not to mention the dancing way the words move. Thank you for your pureness and genuiness. It is refreshing to read and to know I am not the only one…. Have a wonderful time in the " white room" Do I hear Cream playing in the backround??? renew your soul this wknd!!!

  8. Enjoy Oxford! I love your cat gazing out onto the world picture. It is exactly how I feel so often; probably most of us do.
    You give us all so much, I hope you can find some refreshment and joy this weekend. Blessings from abroad… "Oh! to be in England now that (Autumns) here." Gill.

  9. I wish I could whisk you over the pond to here in Connecticut, New England, it's Fall in full glory at the moment (but a grey day today) – well if you do ever make it, you have a friend here.
    New York for the day!
    Big hugs,

  10. I have lived with a Mother who has depression and you have described it perfectly….see your doctor…there is help for those who suffer!
    I'm not talking about being sad…it's not the same….when you have feelings of despair that is the time to seek help… it soon…you will be amazed at the difference! Blessings to you

  11. enjoy your stay in oxford with helen, vanilla scented hallways sounds like heaven, enjoy the calmness, and all the pampering you can get, oh and lots of retail therapy ……. of course !!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Sister…….have a wicked blast at your friends!! And I think all of the below comments are so valid…so listen up!! *smile* Peace, chocolate, & toes in autumn leaves for you!! And of course, a smooch from your baba and a wee bit of wine!
    Goddess Bless!

  13. Darling life isn't all Lavender and lemons although we would all love it to be. You are going through some big changes and it is only natural that what was once familiar and comforting no longer has the same appeal. It will come, in time, be patient with yourself. x

  14. I remember being there, where you are, once, a long time ago, dragged down initially by love and thereafter almost everything haunted and depressed and scared me.
    Like you, I longed to run away,… I did. I moved interstate from city to country.
    From hot to cold, where my feelings began to take new meaning.
    Not too far from now, you will soon be able to look back at what was, no longer with a tear in your eye, but with joy

  15. Dearest Alison,I know what you've been through because of such a loser and jerk that some men are..My ex run off with someone of wich he once said that she wasn't his type at all but two weeks after I left himhe was with her! After he had 'enough' of her "a mistake, I love only you…never want to do with her anymore, not even friendship "I forgave him, but thank God I did get my sanity back after one week and saw who he really was: a selfish "+1#…." guess what he did? Yes your'e right: straightback to her! Well, she knew how he had talked to me about her and she took him back…says everything about her aswell ey? Anyway, they belong together and I"M SOOOOO GLAD AND HAPPY THAT I'M NOT WITH HIM ANYMORE AND DON'T LOVE HIM ANYMORE!!!!!!! I hope that these words will give you wisdom, insight so that they will heal you and will give you peace!
    You're not alone dear! Take care…xxCindy

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