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  1. Well well well, how very spooky indeed! This just happens to be the EXACT notebook that found it's way into my Waitrose shopping a week or so ago, and into which I have been making copious notes on the unfolding project that is our new house!!! FOCUS is indeed what is needed here when making notes and keeping track of tradesmen, appointments, what needs doing when etc. And all this before you had even written your last post……………… are you reading my mind missus??!!
    Exciting times ahead for us both! x

  2. I know just the notebook, it is languishing in the pile of miscellany sitting on top of my dishwasher. I also need to find one for my Christmas planning. Otherwise, I remember all of my ideas far too late to implement them in time. For example, I need to order snapper strips for Christmas crackers…

  3. My notebook is red leatherette covered. I keep a diary and other scribbles in it. I get in and out of the habit of writing in my notebook/journal, so I've found your article inspiring!

  4. This is great timing…we had our baby last week, and now I am ready to get organized–in my mind and for the holidays! 😉
    I wanted to ask–is the Christmas planner the same as last year's? If so, can we join in the Christmas countdown without buying the planner? (If not, I'll get both!)

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