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  1. Sweet Dreams Alison,
    I take it that you have central heating then. I heat our downstairs area (80m2) with a small woodstove for 7 months of the year, in the 3 winter months it burns continually. That’s an awful lot of wood to carry in!

  2. I do not need the central heating on since having a multi fuel stove. I love the whole bit, the bringing in the logs to the log basket, seeing the crackling flames, watching my grandsons lying on the rug in front of it or sitting gazing at the coloured flames ( I buy special powder ! ) Just enjoying the warmth with a hot chocolate to hand. I think it is very primeval and I read more and more are having stoves. Cosy is the word.

  3. When the logburner is blazing away and the living room is warm, then yes, stoves are a marvel. Until the kids put their PJs on it to warm up and wind up burning holes in them. But when the damn thing just won’t light *again*, and the kids are crying because it’s so cold, and it goes out *again* while you’re cooking the dinner, and you’re faced with having to go out into the pouring rain to bring in more wood *again* and haul it up a flight of stairs… yeah, not so great! And somehow I always seem to pick the windiest days to empty the ash out, and end up looking like an extra from a post-apocalyptic horror movie, literally ashen-faced. There are days when I fantasize about gas central heating and the miracle of heat at the push of a magic button…

  4. Alison, hello from very soggy Texas!!
    Just wanted to let you know that I cannot find an email link to contact you for the reason of not recieving my House Rules. Hope this gets to you.
    Blessings, Wendy

  5. God bless you dear girl. So pleased that you are taking time out for some self care. Of course you deserve and need it, we are only mere mortals! Proud of you!

  6. Thank you for the email you sent out on the 1st June. Now go and get your act together. You are not a quitter, so I know you’ll be back. And bigger and better than ever!

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