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  1. oh Alison – you are right in the middle of making all your very own traditions – the things you did at Christmas, the Sunday roast yesterday (that is a tradition that Finley will remember and probably say to his future wife – no one cooks a roast like my mum)..I made traditions for my children when they were little and am now in the process of doing for my two darling grandsons…so that when I am gone – they will remember all the lovely things that grandma did , just like I remember what mine did. maybe once a month you could get together as a family with your parents and sister and do all the things you remember as a child?

  2. I think that you are right when you say that traditions weave their ways into our lives.They are like a safety net always there to fall into.Precious memories however capture and define special moments in our lives.Often these cannot be repeated but are no less important than the comforting routine of tradition.

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