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  1. As a kid my grandparents grew all their own vegies – there is little more satisfying than scrubbing the dirt off of potatoes that have just come from the ground, truly! Even as a kid I enjoyed it. Wait till you taste this lot, the stuff we get in supermarkets simply doesn't compare. I hope you enjoy it!

  2. How are they? They have a program like that here in Pittsburgh that my husband and I want to take advantage of once we get our own place.

  3. Ha ha … I used to get organic fruit and veges delivered and whined about the size … and that they didn't last as long … and the colour wasn't as bright … just, basically, didn't look as good. Then you ask yourself why? What the hell do they put into the ones in the supermarket to make them look 'good'??? Ooooh but wait til you taste those carrots … they'll take you back to childhood. Is it just me or did carrots and apples (in particular) have such better flavour then?

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