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  1. Are you sure…. have you been at the gin again….put the glass down and step away from clown pictures….! The one you have posted is pretty though… I'll give you that!

  2. There's no way I could sneak one of those in the house unless I told hubby one of the girls did it!BTW you'll have to take the floral bunting of your wishlist -it's mine now!!!

  3. Alison-
    You are correct! Vintage paint-by-numbers are HOT! My clients LOVE them here in Texas. I try and find vintage ones that have not been painted and frame them as is…they make a bold graphic statement lining the wall in three's. Very URBAN PRAIRIE.

  4. I agree Alison! I pick them up for the shop whenever I can they sell instantly,I like the 50s nude,she would be great in a bathroom or a shabby boudoir.

  5. I can't believe those paint by numbers sets are back in fashion again, I remember doing them as a child. My daughter loves them though!

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