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  1. Trash It or Treasure It is the best money I've ever spent. It's like a dear friend encouraging you as you free yourself from the carefully hoarded broken shards of the past to make space for a new kind of happiness and peace.
    May you find that happiness and peace as you knit the best of your past and present into a beautiful future.

    1. It didn't sound sappy at all… I was just about to sign off for the evening when I saw your comment, and it has simply made a lovely night even nicer. Thank-you: it matters to know you are making a difference.
      Happy Monday evening.x
      My recent post Pale Days

  2. Well it DID sound a little sappy to me, but a good cathartic kind of sappy. I find when looking back over the years, changes in me and the way I "decorate" my home. I think we all change, grow, mature, and evolve and as we do , different things appeal to us and complete us in a way. I think if you look at it as a kind of adventure on the road to the ever-changing you, you will see the sheer beauty of it and enjoy the ride for what it is. I see you are well on the road to deep thinking and that is a change from the deep-feeling that consumed you for a while. The is growth and change for the more healthy and as you continue down this road, you'll find the pain dimming and taking a lesser role in your day-to-day. That , my dear, is a good thing. I look for you each morning as I start my day, hope yours is a creamy-licious one. Love to you and Finn, Amanda

  3. Hi Alison. This post is so interesting! I have read your blog for years and it sounds like we're changing together. I have gone from splashing my home with colour and pattern and knick and knack to feeling the need for white everywhere and a clearing of stuff. I too have treasured pieces that I will keep but many duplicates (triplicates!) that I will rehome. They will somehow be more meaningful when placed alone in front of a white wall, than nestled behind twenty others of the same. I think this is what's called 'refining one's taste'.

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