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  1. I have to tell you a quick and wonderful story about Patsy Cline. In the late 90's I had a sophomore girl who adored Patsy Cline, so I suggested she do a research paper on her and maybe write to Nashville (we found some kind of record label or fan club to write to) and ask for anything they might like to share about her. Of all wonderful things, this young girl came rushing up to me in about two weeks with a HAND WRITTEN letter from Patsy Clines widowed husband. He told about Patsy and thanked Lori for caring still about his wife! iT WAS amazing, and of course, she got an A on her paper and had a keepsake to treasure her whole life! He was so kind hearted and so tender hearted that it really touched him to think another generation loved his wife. Oh, Alison. Isn't that dear?

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