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  1. You sound darling like you had the most perfect day. I adore Paris and it's funny because my friend and I are thinking of going to Paris for the day too, to help us with our course bien sur!! I am so glad you had fun, we all need girly days every so often! Tons of love Wendy

  2. So utterly and perfectly Paris! My last trip killed my feet as well. I had worn ankle boots on the flight and of course, my feet swelled and so I started the week with sore tootsies that only got worse and worse, considering the French way is to walk……..A LOT! Never again……I shall wear ugly, stretchy granny shoes. But your day sounds like a wonderful, indulgent, fun filled gal pal adventure. I would love to live close enough to dash over on a whim…..but I have to fly about 10-11 hours. Ugh. If you have not gone to Clingnancourt, you must. I was drooling when not dodging the pickpockets. I read a link (was that here?)….I too got a couple of nice used leather jackets but very few girly grandma goodies since I was packed tight for the flight home anyway. My wish is to return with lots of Euros and a big empty suitcase!
    Thanks for stirring memories for me. It was lovely…..

  3. Oh I do love a delightfully impulsive and indulgent day every now and then … and you certainly did it in style! (Sadly, it would take me a whole day just getting to Paris from here).
    So pleased you had a chance to throw a bit of spice into your life Alison. Good for you.

  4. What a beautiful description of such an exciting weekend! I'm just as excited (almost) as if I had been there myself. Thanks for the trip details. What fun!

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