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  1. Oh Alison I have almost the entire range I bought at Target in the U.S. Their French lavender is wonderful…Also the wood cleanser smells like almond oil and I love the grapefruit too. Look at and you can order it (i think) in the U.K. Very reasonable prices and they even have body wash and candles!!

  2. I love Method products! We have access to the whole line at my local grocery store here in the states. Like Meredith says, The French Lavender is very nice, but I love the pink grapefruit scent for the kitchen!

  3. I love Method products. They are so divine, and a godsend for me because the harsh chemical products that are so prevelant really do make me sick, literally. That was my start in my campaign to convince my husband that going organic was the way to do things.

  4. I like the idea of natural cleaners too, but I prefer to make my own. Many of the solutions are simple and if you use your essential oils, you can enjoy any "flavor" cleaner you like! Last night I made a Scrub with regular baking soda (bicarb for you Brits) and a little squirt of mild dish soap and a few drops of lavender essential oil. Mix with a spoon and put into a cheese shaker. I use it on the tub, sinks, kitchen sinks, countertops and just about anything that needs a good scrub.
    Here's a website that's got lots of good natural cleaners.

  5. This brand is great!! I love the Lavender, they even have floor cleaner as well as cleaner for the shower!! Takes cleaning to a whole new level!!

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