Personal Promises.

By Alison January 1, 2005 No Comments 2 Min Read

Here’s what I think: While I have never been one for spiritual mumbo-jumbo, I truly believe that when we need something and we are brave enough to ask for it, the world will contrive, one way or another to make it happen: so by committing dreams to paper, we somehow make them real.

Therefore in lieu of the willpower to make New Years Resolutions, this year I am making Personal Promises, if only because nice girls never break their promises…

I promise to be kind to myself…

There are things in this life I deny myself. Not cosy little comforts that make all the difference to my day, but things that really matter- the magnesium tablets that would stop my legs twitching when I’m very tired, the Atkins style diet that helped me lose eight stone the year before last, that my body misses to the point where sometimes I feel so bloated by wheat and carbohydrates I have to drag myself around. Decent conditioner for my fuzzy hair. Adult conversation with the women I knew before I gave birth…

It can’t go on. This is the year I will put myself first.

I promise to cultivate the art of delayed gratification.

When I want something I want it now. This means that all too often I compromise. I can’t wait until I’ve saved enough for the quality option, I will take second best and reap the consequences every single time.

Believe me I do know how short sighted this is. But enough is enough. I will compromise no more.   

I promise not to shy away from commitment.

If ever there was a woman who coulda been a contender it was me. Opportunity slips through my fingers like sand. Whenever I am within sniffing distance of success, I lie back and bask in the glory of recognition, certain that recognition of my tiny talent is enough.

But it isn’t. It is not and this year I promise to commit myself to all that I set out to achieve.

See? I didn’t get carried away did I? I haven’t promised world peace nor set out to re-invent the wheel. I have kept it simple and promised myself things that don’t matter in the whole scheme of things but will make a huge difference to who I am and who I want to be.

What are you promising yourself this year?

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