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  1. Good golly, Lady! Did I ever need that today. Am feeling so glum lately about how my husband likes storebought bread better than mine and my little boys turn their tiny snub noses up over the cozy rituals I offer them. Blast it all. I do wish they enjoyed it.
    That said, I was just telling my mother-in-law when she visited us in the fall that I am not a vintage housewife "as an act of love for my husband," I do it because it is who I am, I'd be living the same way if I was an old maid. She was positively scandalized and had the audacity to sit there open-mouthed and then ask, "Well, goodness! How DO you show him that you love him then?"

  2. Anne Morrow Lindbergh said something like, "A housewife's work is invisible work" in her book Gift From the Sea. I always remembered that. A clean house will always get messy again. Family members take for granted the clean laundry, full cupboards, and hot meals. Kids expect you to always be available to take them and their 100 friends to the movies/soccer practice/ parties. No one really takes notice of all the things a woman does for her family. I stopped looking for 'thanks' from my kids a long time ago. I figure they will understand when they move out on their own and have their own kids.

  3. My mother did a wonderful job keeping house when I was a girl. I remember coming home from school and asking her rudely as only a teenager could "What do YOU do all day, anyway?" She would say laughing "Oh, lie around all day eating chocolate bon bons and reading magazines". Not until I was in charge of my own household did I realize just what she did all day.
    Amy F.

  4. Well, would you know my 14 year old daughter did just such a thing very recently – a disdainful "what DO you do all day?" which broke my heart at the time. We'd moved into our new house a week earlier, and it was already a work in progress, everything in it's place and Xmas decs and 6 xmas trees up!!! I said "look around. A week ago this was an empty shell, today you're sitting in a home. I'll give you a clue……the fairies didn't magically make it happen overnight…." To know I am not the only mum knocking myself out for no 'apparent' reason, and that my daughter isnt perhaps a complete devil child is a comfort (??!! 😉 and your words even more so. You're right, I am doing it, really, for myself and so with good grace I shall continue and hope I have laid the right foundations for my family along the way??!! Xx

  5. Cheeky little begger! Thankfully, as I also homeschool my children, my family sees exactly what I do every MINUTE! They don't ever get to say things like that! I think I would be devestated if they did!
    They get to see first hand about the dishes, laundry, trash, dusting, mopping. et al. They also HAVE TO HELP. We have been teaching them that they are part of a machine. They are a cog, a gear, a wheel, a lever. If one part breaks down the whole breaks down. If the table does not get set for supper, then nobody gets to eat…….until the table setter puts the dishes out . Maybe it is time for young mr. Finley to have some regular chores. Or if he has some, maybe some more that require him to think differently?
    I do believe you have the right answer for those who would be torn up over a phrase such as…. You do it for yourself! You do it because you like too! You do it because you want too! What a blessing you are this day, Alison!

  6. Oh Alison! I sure needed to read this today…its been a funky week and I swear that I just had this conversation with my own dear son who is 8! Thank you for reminding us all that we deserve to delight in our homes. Thank You Thank You Thank You!!

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