Tropical Pineapple Creams…

By Alison January 9, 2016 No Comments 1 Min Read

I am a traitor to my own cause. Today I stood in front of a selection of Beech’s chocolates, including my beloved Rose and Violet creams and I chose…pineapple. If you know me well you will understand the enormity of that statement. These tides they are a changing!
It suddenly struck me that a change is as good as a rest, and as the universe had seen fit to tempt me with something rather exotic I decided to play ball and devote my evening to tantalizing my senses (and hopefully not appalling them!) with tropical pineapple creams while Ste and I browse the internets booking the very first holiday I will have taken in twenty years…
This m’dears is me getting all exotic and tropical in the midst of the rainiest of January’s. This is me dabbling in the different. Shaking off my cosy security blanket and trying on a whole new persona: someone who goes on holiday and eats pineapple creams!
This you see is apparently what happens when you give up alcohol for dry January (let’s pretend that cocktail in the bar last didn’t happen), employ an assistant to help get organized (let’s welcome Mimi into the BrocanteHome fold!) and move your family in to your Dad’s house the minute he boards a train down South.
Good Lord. Pineapple creams might only be the start of it. Who knows what else 2016 might bring!
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