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  1. Tee hee.
    I also like the blue salt and the black salt that Aldi very kindly had last year. I can’t use them, but they look pretty on the side in the kitchen.
    And taking lunch to a friends house makes perfect sense. Really.

  2. I LOVE this story, Alison. I’ve been having so, so many spooky, mind-boggling coincidences happen recently – perhaps it’s Mercury Retrograde kicking in early?!

  3. Pink Himalayan salt has the most natural minerals, than any other salt! This is the healthiest you can get for salt! I love it! If I ever have muscle cramps, I know than I am low in minerals. Take a salt shot and it balances my electrolytes. Have “trouble” in the bathroom? Take a few more shots and let it move you! I only use this salt and I so glad you are giddy!!!

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