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  1. Wonderful Alison! Thank you so much. It's great that you've got us thinking about preparations. Brocante Home Christmas prep is always so lovely! Cheers!

  2. Oh……I adore my new yummy reminders of the holiday season!
    Thank you for starting early, I love the holiday, and humm as soon as the leaves start turning colours. What I NEED to do is run to a Staples and copy this out in coloured paper to make it cheery. Black and white is way too boring for Yule tide planning!!
    Thanks…..get better soon….smooches on the foreheads!!

  3. Alison, the Planner is beautiful!
    But also, it may just save my Christmas… last year, health problems cancelled Christmas for me in most ways, and this year I'm determined to have an utterly gorgeous Christmas to make up – but I can only do a little at a time, so the Planner is going to mean I pace myself and get most things done, rather than forgetting and rushing and ending up with health probs again!
    Hurrah and huzzah!

  4. Sorry to hear Finn is ill. I hope he's better soon and that you don't catch it too!
    I used to make up a big gift box for storing the wrapped presents when my children were children. It definitely isn't the same once they've grown and gone.

  5. I agree with Kelly! I need to go someplace and have mine printed out in colour too! I just purchased it and I have to say that even with the exchange to Canadian dollars, I am definitely not disappointed.

  6. If any of you are thinking about buying the planner and can't decide, do, do, do! It is the most scrumptious thing, and is making me smile as I get ready for Christmas! Thank you Alison!

  7. I've dreaded Christmas for the last few years, with extended family strife and terrible finances, I sort of lost my vision for a happy Christmas. But, this year I've got your lovely planner and am looking forward to making it a special time, regardless of the low cost or what else is going on outside my little family.

  8. Ok. although I had promised myself not to spend money on myself so as to save money for Christmas, I broke down and ordered your planner… It IS for Christmas, isn't it!?
    "Holiday" is a wonderful movie… But do you know what my favorite Christmas-time movie is? "Holiday Inn"… 🙂

  9. You have gotton us in the Christmas mood! Thanks for the great idea about the present hiding place! Love your whole blog….we will be back to check out more!
    smiles, kari and kijsa

  10. Have you seen the christmas smells in M&S(while buying your organic cucumber;)?! Festive smell fabric conditioner, handcream, tissues, washing up liquid…….Mmmmmmmm I am tempted!

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