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  1. No no … not lying at all … For there is such truth in the very essence of the omission of the dull details.
    Oh how bloody boring your site would be if you weighed us down with the mundanities that ALL of us have to endure on a daily basis. We have them. And know that you must surely have them too. The fact that you are choosing to present the stuff in your day that has brought you joy is more evidence of a positive life outlook than representative of negative denial.
    Don't sweat over those who knock you Alison. I, for one, would rather read about the good stuff that comes with the territory of being 'woman' in this day and age … than constant whining about all the bad stuff.

  2. I agree with Kerry. Presenting the good and the joyful doesn't make you a liar. Who wants to read about the boring details of everyday life, the problems and the mistakes. It's much more interesting to read about those things that make you happy. After all, life is only as 'scrumptious' as you choose to make it.

  3. Well, what I have to say first is… don't fret another minute about the 40,000 words you lost on your novel. You can sit down and spin out another because you have the "golden gift" of words and, as my gramma said, "a way of putting it" that make your words special. You know how you pick up a book, see a movie, or read the Bible and get something different than you did before? how you talk to someone and they saw something else completely different? How the five men explored the elephant and found him to be so completely different… yeah.. that's how every one of our days goes, don't you think? We have the power to spin it into Gold or leave it as straw, as I think Sarah pointed out. You, dear Alison, are a really fine spinner of gold… but a peek into your "straw" isn't a horrible shock. It made me cry because I just felt that much closer to you. I identify with Bree on the soul level, but I have never been able to pull it all off like her so not so much on the visible level…. Interesting comments though.

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