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  1. I was a volunteer worker at a women's shelter some years ago. The pattern I saw most often was "a history of violence". Abuse, like prejudice, is more often than not a learned behaviour. It victimizes everyone involved, hence the cycle repeats. As your video demonstrated.
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  2. The decision to walk away was heartbreaking, but seeing the effect it was having on my young sons convinced me that even after 20 years of marriage it was the right decision. My ex learned his behaviour from his father and I didn't want it to continue down the generations. I wish I'd had the courage to leave as soon as it started.

  3. Oh, Allison, this is both a lovely AND a heartstopping post… What's maybe even sadder is that it happens to men, too… I have a lovely friend who takes care of a wife with a mental illness. He won't leave…
    What's nice is that there are so many more options for women now. It's no longer such a stigma.
    But this makes me think of a lovely idea. I'm wondering how many shelters and respite care centers have those homey touches that might make staying there not such a shock.
    Maybe this is something we "Brocante" ladies could do! Maybe if we don't have time to really volunteer in some of the more traditional ways at a shelter (though I'm not sure what that would involve in this context, I'm ashamed to admit…), we could ask if there's something we could do to make the place a little more cheery, a little more inviting.
    I'm getting ready to move to another location, and I''m thinking maybe some of the things I was thinking of packing could be taken to a local shelter and used to brighten up a room where some poor dear is staying. I can always get more, but she might not be able to for a while!

  4. Walking away can be harder than enduring the abuse. It's hard for a woman to see that she will survive when she's had all the strength and confidence sucked out of her. But jumping that hurdle was the best thing I ever did.
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