Sunday Poetry: Same by Hannah Napier Rosenberg

By Alison October 29, 2023 1 Comment 1 Min Read

I have seen this poem all over the internet this week, and I’m sharing it here both because I think it probably speaks to all of us right now, and because I want to bookmark it for myself for always, to remind myself what matters when I’m in the midst of one more to-do list full of those things I am convincing myself stand between me and contentment, me and connection.

I still haven't figured out how to keep
my shower floor clean, or make morning 
smoothies, or respond to stress calmly. 
Same, same, same my friends tell me, 
a love note of sorts. Maybe the world 
doesn't need us to cut down on carbs, or 
make more money, or waste less time. 
Maybe instead it needs us to reach those
who feel alone in their messy homes, or
difficult relationships, or unresolved issues. 
To impress less, and connect
 more. To share one simple message: 
Same. Same, same, same.

Find more of Hannah’s beautiful writing at @hannahrowrites or buy a postcard of this important reminder on her website here.

Happy Sunday.x

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