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  1. No2.Barkcloth.
    Dafty! barkcloth is that heavy linen type fabric so beloved in the fifties for making curtains with, you are bound to have some in your lovely home somewhere!

  2. Thank goodness-I though I was the only one plagued by fruit flies! I hate the little uglies, swarming around my darling's bananas! And, I say eat the Green and Blacks and worry about the cellulite later!

  3. I think I can answer some of your questions and give comments. We have fruit flies too – they have been clouding in my kitchen in Chicago all summer and I normally dont get any except when I leave fruit to actually rot. Five stone since April is too rapid – a girl in my WW did something similar and her brain strunk – I kid you not. Green and Blacks is healthy I know that for a fact – stick with M & S – cheap at the price. Borrowing someones hubby – bit tricky – you might get stuck with him. I had gum surgery this week (next time I ll just let my teeth fall out it was so horrendous) but the next day I dragged myself around the garage sales – a hanky at my mouth – got a very nice breast pump for my daughter in law and a Melissa and Doug wooden barn for my grandson ($ 2) all while in agony………what can I say !
    A life examined I guess………

  4. we americans love barkcloth because it was popular when some of us were little girls! Ah, yes…or it reminds us of our grandma's home. i am a partner in an antique store, and the ladies are always looking for barkcloth…it is a heavy linen type fabric usually with huge splashy colored flowers in bright colors. women now use it to cover pillows, couches…and sometimes even use it for draperies. fruit flies are annoying…they just appear at my house…i always wonder where they come from…borrowing someone's husband might be a problem….that's what handymen are for…although i doubt very many "handymen" would take out the garbage! 🙂

  5. I do have recently started drooling in my sleep and I am 33! Very attractive! I think fruit flys are attracted by the smell of citrus, try using a glass dome or net food cover.
    In Australia we have a company called "Hire a Hubby" which does all those things including taking out the garbage!
    Frozen food is less likely to have bacteria then fresh. You are probably safer with the frozen fish then ones left for god knows how long at the counter.

  6. I wish I could help Alison but my mind is clouded this morning. I don't like Monday!!!! I woke up to a hubby leaving for the week for work and informing me that the basement was flooded and that he should have listened to me yesterday when I had told him that I had to start the pump manually before it flooded the basement. I've been going down to the basement every few minutes trying to make the pump start and stop. I added a fishing float and still it's not working! Added a bobby pin for weight and I’m not sure if it will help. To top that I've been without a dryer for two weeks; needless to say I have to go in the flooded basement to hang clothes. Oh and I forgot that the washer doesn't work as well. It just turns one way. Not to mention I had to bring the cat litter upstairs as well. On top of that my stove has been broken for the last two years and I have been cooking with only one burner and no oven until this fall when I purchased a small counter toaster/oven … very limiting. And of course even the frig is kaput!!! I’m ready to scream for the entire neighborhood to hear and rent a hubby is not a bad idea. But I need the money to pay him; so that won’t work. Well letting the steam out here seems to be helping. There I think I feel a bit better!!! Hope you’re have a better day then I'm having! Maybe my calamity might shine a little light on your day. Now if I could only make that pump work so I can go to the second hand store for a happy pill and I'll worry about the dusting another day!
    Annabelle =^..^=

  7. Just goes to show I am not the only one that lies awake and worries about lifes little things! I am not much help except that yes, chop off your hydrangeas now that the heads have died. Not too harshly. Just love hydrangeas, but unfortunately they do not do well where I live due to all the water restrictions. Don't worry, I have a hubby, but need to hire one that is handy!

  8. I can only comment on number eight.
    I MUST buy all that stuff, even though I hate dusting it.
    Dust does serve to hold down the glare when I take pictures of my finds.

  9. Hi Alison!
    What are you like girl! I also lay awake in the nite, thinking about the many things I have to or want to do…..Like when I'm in the mood to make a change in the house, I'll keep on thinking about it! Nowadays Ias soon as I find that I'm doing it again: I say tomyself: Hey you! What did I tell you the last time? "Tomorrow is another day!"Remember! It's not wronge thinking and willing, but there's a time and place for everything! Hope you'll find peace, love and care in your search and livingmanner! Give your beautiful boy and yourself a big hug!!
    Love, Cindy

  10. Only cut the hydrangeas back to the height you want them to be next year. The stems re-sprout on the old ones. If you cut them back drastically, that is the size they will be next year.

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