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  1. Your relationship with your ex never fails to astonish me. You have got to be one of the most forgiving women I’ve ever hear of. In any case, I’m so pleased the day itself was one of joy for you.

  2. I, too, am glad that there was some joy for you on Sunday I thought of you. And as far as I’m concerned every word you ever write is meaningful.

  3. Well, in the past I have clobbered Mark for what he’s done to your heart. But, today I stand corrected and apologetic. I am warmed that he was a part of the procession. I am sure he feels a deep loss too. And I am encouraged that he took the time and thought to make this mums day a bit less painful for you. Hugs and bravo to the both of you on your enduring friendship. Sweet sister you have there. But you knew that. Hugs and Healing.

  4. You are an extraordinary woman…. I could not comment before as having gone through the same loss it was too hard – but, your mother would be so proud of you.. You will hear her forever in your head. and sometimes you open your mouth and she will be speaking! You have a great relationship with your ex because you are a lovely woman and he knows that – your life will be good because you are good…… Keep writing Alison…….

  5. I thought of you all day Sunday,I am so glad you have family including Mark,to love and support just now,the book looks great by the way xxx

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