Create a Housekeeping Routine – A Thirty Day Guide and Workbook




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We cannot begin to live a life less ordinary if we are hampered daily by the flotsam and jetsam of a chaotic domestic routine and so in this step-by-step thirty day download, I am going to guide you to create a routine that will mean the keeping of your house becomes as instinctive as brushing your teeth and will no longer stand between you and your more creative, authentic self.

You see a life less ordinary begins at home and having a home that becomes a clean, organised springboard for your soul, will make all the difference to building days structured by routine and ritual and a way of life enhanced by the emotional freedom well-ordered domesticity can provide.

So over the next thirty days you will discover one instruction per day, gently coaching you towards the routine and rituals that will support your own domestic situation. While each lesson and its associated instruction are of course negotiable, followed daily you will find yourself working towards building a deeply personal set of routines, while understanding how those routines can help you shape a life less ordinary…

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