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Welcome to Goal-Setting For Homemakers – a rather glib title for what is deep, lovely work. Work I hope you will enjoy as you go through twenty-eight days of exploration and clarification of what you want and you need in a framework created to support home, body, mind and soul the BrocanteHome way.

Focusing on creating the habits that will sustain the goals you set for yourself, by the end of the course you will have a framework of your own for the consistent and committed betterment in four key areas:

Authentic Habits: (HEART)

The things we do for ourselves: the dreams,  the courses we take, the plans we make, the books we read, the places we go and the work and community we seek.

Domestic Habits: (HOME)

All the little somethings that help us to create a home that runs smoothly and rarely feels overwhelming: the daily routines, the minimalization of clutter, the sense of sanctuary and the management of family life.

Wellbeing Habits: (BODY)

The ways in which we look after our physical and mental health: the food we eat, the way we move, our relationship with Mother Nature, sleep, rest, meditation and dietary supplements.

Self-Care Habits: (SOUL)

And finally the things we don’t HAVE to do, but benefit so very much from enjoying: skincare and beauty therapies, films and box-sets of our own choosing, crafts and creative pursuits, cinema, theatre, walks and visits to places that stimulate our imagination.

All the things that combined together add up to a meaningful life, no matter how old we are, or to what degree we believe the odds are stacked against us.

Ready to get clear on what YOU need?

Ok, all are welcome to join Goal Setting for Homemakers, with one important caveat: it will only make a difference if you commit to actually doing the tasks suggested and creating the habits that will support YOUR goals. While the course is 28 days long, it is absolutely fine to take it one step at at a time, and only do what you feel you can do in any given moment, allowing each habit or idea to bed in before you move on to the next one, so there is no time pressure as I am aware that we are all so very busy and cannot always commit to a strict timetable of somebody else’s making!

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