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This printable represents a new monthly ritual whereby at the beginning of each month we sit down and map out the next four weeks based on a selection of “personal promises”.

In this way we commit to doing all those things we usually allow to just float around our heads and we keep one eye always on the most authentic version of ourselves and what she would need in order to play a more definitive role in our lives.

The Promise sheet is divided into six sections as follows:

1. The Most Important Promise
This is where we commit to that which we really shouldn’t get through the month without completing or adhering to. Whether this means sticking to the diet, finally getting a bill paid off, making plans to spend some time with our Mother In Law, or finishing off a decorating project, is up to you, because I sense all of us enter each month with an over-riding “Must-Do” and this is where we are going to make a clear commitment to getting it done.

2. The Amazing Promise
This is a something we are promising to ourselves: for our own wellbeing or peace of mind. The world will not stop if we are not able to keep our promise but we will feel better about ourselves if we do.

3. The Wellbeing Promise
This is a promise or list of promises we make from the point of view of extreme self-care. Promises to get one early night per week, stick to our stretching regime, move more, take vitamins daily, commit to a meditation ritual or whatever else it is YOU KNOW will make a difference to how you feel.

4. The Growth and Authenticity Promise
This is a collection of promises we make in accordance with our own plans for being more accomplished, authentic versions of ourselves. So finding time for listening to a podcast, starting a course, spending time with someone who inspires us, visiting galleries, learning a new skill and more…

5. The Heart and Home Promise
This promise encapsulates our intentions for the space we live in: whether it be completing a seasonal scrub, organizing the pantry, going to the tip, ordering something essential, re-arranging the garage, touching up scrapes on the wall, getting curtains cleaned etc.etc…

6. The Those I Love Promise
Finally we make promises to better serve those we love: to go for coffee with your Dad, or to watch Doctor Who with your teenage son. To make sure the kids eat at the same time each evening, or to make yourself available for real quality time with your partner. etc.etc.

The intention with the Personal Promise sheet is not to ADD to your to-do list but to COMMIT to those things already on: whether they be real tasks we must complete or emotional changes we know deep inside we must make.

The trick then is to print the relevant month’s sheet out at the beginning of the monthbe realistic about what you can actually achieve and what will further your journey towards a life less ordinary in the gentlest way possible.

Upon purchase you will receive a PDF containing a Personal Promise Page for each month of the year, via email.

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