The Art of Homemaking





Alison May has been writing about housekeeping for eighteen years now and on Brocantehome she has collated there is a vast amount of information to be gathered for the new housekeeper or indeed for she who wants to kick-start her domestic life all over again and turn over a scrumptiously fresh new leaf. And so with this in mind gathered all her domestic wisdom together into a thirty day plan you can use to subtly (or dramatically!) shift your way of life and finally embrace the routines, rituals and seasonal celebrations Alison has long been advocating.

From going organic, to creating a weekly and daily routine, choosing a creative path and making space for your very personal sense of spirituality, this precious book will provide a map directing you to the heart of your home: a place where you can be yourself without drowning under a relentless pile of laundry.
A place my gorgeous housekeepers where rituals will shape your days and puttery treats will sprinkle a little glitter over them. A place you will want to come home to because it encapsulates all that you are today and everything you intend to be tomorrow.

What Alison has created is a step by step guide to re-inventing your housekeeping existence. A guide to making friends with your house so that it will hug you instead of kicking you in the teeth day after day and remind you, through the voices of housewives gone by, that the urge, or perhaps more significantly the need to keep house is neither anti-feminist, nor futile but is in fact exactly what we must do if we are to nourish our hearts and souls daily and in the long run create a beautiful museum of all that we were: women in control of our own environments and ultimately our destinies, because home is where we begin.

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