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Ready to gently shuffle your way into PLANNING your life less ordinary?

Good. Your first task then is to download the Life Less Ordinary Date Book. A page for each month of the year, in order to both note down the dates you need to remember and to see where your commitments are most heavily weighted within your life.

Each month of the Date Book has six boxes:

Extreme Self-Care Dates.
We start with all those commitments you make for yourself: the yoga sessions and the library trips, the smear tests, hairdressing appointments, and dentist visits. The things you do for you are the very first things I want you to consider so that everything else revolves around your efforts to remind yourself that YOU matter.

Birthdays and Celebrations
Then we factor in all the family celebrations we know are on the agenda. From birthdays to weekly movie and pizza nights. Because life is terribly short and thus celebrating those we love should be high up on our priority list.

Friends and Family
Next, we note down all the commitments we have made to friends and family. The coffee mornings and the shopping trips. The date nights, weekends away and the family get-togethers. Everything in short, that you are committed to doing with those you love.

Appointments and Commitments
Now it is time to jot down the concert you have got tickets for, the meetings with your financial advisor or self-help groups, coaching sessions, craft fairs, therapist appointments, church services, accountants, and banks.

Work and School
Then it is time to note all those dates we already know about in regard to work and school: from vacations and holidays, to teacher and parent meetings, conferences and more.

Home and Heart
And finally we look at life inside the house: at maintenance and building dates, at scheduled cleaning sessions and carpet cleaning and oven cleaning services. At when the Christmas tree is going up, visits to the local tip and bin collection days.

You see in this way we have one clear overview of each month and can add to it as new dates crop up, noting carefully where it is in our lives that our attention is most focused and making an on-going effort to make the kind of change that is balanced across all six areas of our lives.

Ready, steady, start mapping out each month now and see exactly what it is that the year has got in store for you!

Upon purchase you will receive a PDF containing a Date Book Page for each month of the year, via email.

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