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The Seasonal Swap is a ten page download designed to offer you a step-by-step guide to moving seamlessly between the seasons domestically, helping you to get the house and kitchen in order…

Not all of it is terribly fun. Indeed much of what we have to do to in order to make the transition from one season to the next could be considered pedestrian and dull, but once the boring stuff of Winterising the house or conducting a Spring clean is done and dusted we can truly throw ourselves into marking the season by creating scent memories, baking after school treats and stocking up our read-me-next shelves with seasonal delights discovered in the library. We can putter to our hearts delight and truly focus on creating seasonal traditions our families will come to treasure.

Think of it then as a Seasonal Swap and offer it the respect it deserves in your homemaking calendar by carving out time to do all that needs doing before the season is well and truly upon you, and your find yourself wading through puddles in your ballet slippers or tucking the kids up under an 18 Tog duvet on a sweltering Summers night…

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