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The seven sense prescription was created at the very beginning of the Pandemic as a means for my readers to keep body and soul together by embracing a pick and mix plan of sense soothing little to-do’s daily.

Now available to all, this is an eleven page PDF that asks you to choose one (tiny) task from seven lists daily: one each for each the senses, sight, sound, taste, touch, smell, balance and movement, and in the process create a wellbeing routine that promotes a sense of quiet bliss in the mind by engaging your senses one by one.

This isn’t meant to add to your long lists of life to-do’s, nor to increase your stress in what is weird times for us all, but instead to support you as you go through the days doing everything else, with a body that will thank you for the prescription, and a daily reminder that you matter too.

A tiny little puttery treat for your own wellbeing really does make a difference, and can be fitted in to even the busiest of lives. I promise.

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