Project Gutenberg.

By Alison July 29, 2005 2 Comments 1 Min Read

Project Gutenberg is an online directory of e-books available for download. While this can stand for amateur nonsense, here it includes a valuable range of historical books, available to anybody and readable online…

Housewifely highlights include:

The American Frugal Housewife by Lydia M. Child.

Practical Suggestions For Mother and Housewife by Marion Mills Miller.

Wanted, A Young Woman To Do HouseWork by Helene C. Barker.

Foods That Will Win The War And How To Cook Them by Goudiss and Goudiss.

Janice Day The Young HomeMaker by Helen Beecher Long.

The Plain Man and His Wife by Arnold Bennett.

Beetons Book of Needlework by Mrs Isabella Beeton.

Happiness and Marriage by Elizabeth Towne.

Domestic Pleasures, Or the Happy Fireside by Frances Bowyer Vaux.


  1. melissa says:

    Oh thanks so much! Thanks SO much for sharing these. I have one old Mrs. Beeton book "All About Cookery" and her's are such a treat to look through.
    Oh, and happy day!!!

  2. Gina says:

    Thank you!!! Can't wait to look these up!

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