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  1. Thank you for talking about this book as I just finished reading the other one last night. Quite delightful and I look forward to reading Provincia's Daughter.

  2. If you like this type of book, and who doesn't?!, then can I suggest you look for Persephone Books from and search by publisher, then just read the ratings and choose! – or visit the Persephone web site. There are some fabulous vintage books published by this company all beautifully reproduced and illustrated, including:
    Mariana by Monica Dickens, set in the 30's and full of lovely vintage details, country houses, life in Kensington etc
    How to Run Your Home Without Help,
    A 40's housewife guide to coping without servants!
    Plus many others too many to mention.

  3. Yep! got this one too! how spookily alike our bookcases must be! better still I got mine for around a pound at that cheapie book shop "the works"

  4. The Provincial Lady books are some of my favorite. I had no idea her daughter had Taken Up The Torch. Delightful blog, I'm glad I found you.

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