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  1. great puttery treats!! i will certainly be trying some of these.
    Can i make a suggestion of what i would love to see on your lovely blog? Piccies of your home and you implementing your puttery treats etc!

    1. Oooh Liss Lou I'm soooooooo camera shy. Isn't it ridiculous?? And a bit rubbish with a camera. Ooh and I live in a cottage darker than the cupboard under your stairs.
      Hmmmm, can I think up any more excuses or shall I just bite the eight year old bullet and get round to taking photo's of a house that is currently a major work in progress??
      Yes. I really should, shouldn't I??

      1. Nonsense! I'm sure you have a lovely home. I'm so pleased that you've posted this list. It was exactly what I was searching for today. It's still quite bright and warm here, but I am in the mood for fall.

  2. my little girls will flip over the the beribboned welly idea. we like to dry orange peels on our wood stove in the winter, i shall try making some for the blankets. i have great plans for a granny square blanket just as soon as we are back in our cottage! x

    1. Oooh I'm thrilled you have found something to take away from Brocante today… I would love a proper stove to dry things on, lucky you… x

  3. Oh Alison! you really are the Queen of all things puttery! I live for these posts! I am so going to wear my sunglasses when cleaning the windows! I also love the idea of the winter bucket list,fabulous! and may I say,I love the picture! it is you and Finn! xx

    1. I knew there was a reason that picture spoke to me Gena… do share what's on your bucket list should you get around to writing one won't you??

  4. Such wonderful ideas you always have! I am looking for new things now that I am housekeeping (sadly) for one. Oh, and congratulations and wonderful wishes on the new changes in your life. I always love to read everything you share with us.

    1. Oh Sandy Darling, my heart is breaking all over again for you… but then those of us with precious memories are resilient enough to keep on keeping on and I know you will keep looking for the kind of everyday beauty that will sustain you… thinking of you Sweeheart, thank you for popping by..x

  5. Dear, dear Alison, your puttery treats are the perfect balm for a very stressful day with the grandkids. They simply made me smile. I'm going to try crocheting a little square daily and see what I come up with. Thanks, Sally

    1. Ah see how ambitious you are, I suggest a square a week (because I can't knit/crochet for toffee!) and you up the ante to a square a day!
      And as for those Grandchildren… well I know my Mum would be ready to sympathise with you…!

  6. Alison, I've just entered the work force and I dread my going to work days. I'm reading this post before work, and it has brightened my outlook considerably! I'm really a home and hearth person, and now I have that extra bit of loveliness to look forward to besides the end of the day 🙂 Thank you!

    1. I sometimes think that the pleasure of "coming home" is a gift I miss out on being here day in and day out…. absence makes the heart grow fonder?

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