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  1. Oh such wonderful pretties!
    I love those tea towels, lovely. Oh & I have that Belle & Boo postcard too! I just love it, isn't it just adorable?
    Have a lovely weekend (?) *Tee hee*

  2. Such perfect Brocante-esc cupcake cases, too! {We call them cupcake cups.} I surely would have bought those if I had seen them!
    I do hope you can enjoy Wuthering Heights! You are a brave woman, and you know what you're in for . . . Try as I might, I cannot get through the first chapter! I have an excellent imagination . . . I think you probably know what I mean . . . I've been hearing all about the Penguin Popular Classics . . . they are lovely, aren't they!?
    And finally, I love your decision to buy bookplates for Finley! Being an old fashioned kind of a girl, myself {naturally, or how would I have found you!} I made certain that my children had bookplates for their library as well, but I never imagined your reasoning . . . and I do so love it! My youngest, who is away in graduate school, still adds bookplates to the list when I ask him for the annual birthday gift suggestions. I love to have instilled a love for such things in such a thoroughly modern young man.
    Your's was just the type of excursion that would have lifted my spirits! My what a lovely time you must have had!

  3. I am of the belief that you can never have enough tea towels! I love those! and you are right,when the pennies are tight there is nothing more rewarding than a spot of thrifting to lift the spirits! I am intrigued by the lavender candies,may give them a try.xx

  4. Just were did you buy that notebook. I saw one ages ago and did not have time to buy and now I cant remeber were I saw it. Please tell. Thankyou x

    1. Hi Janey, I've emailed you, but just in case you don't get it, and for everybody else who wants to know, the Rosehip notepad was from Waterstones…

  5. Now, that's spooky: I decided that, if I were to buy books at all in the next few months, it would be those green Penguins and the Persephone books. I really fancy the idea of some sort of consistency of size and colour on the bookshelves for a change…!

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