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  1. The American West cure. Eat two bowls of five-alarm chili, soak in the hottest bath you can tolerate to which you have added a cup of epsom salts, while sipping a hot toddy of a double shot of whiskey and the juice of a half lemon to a mug of very hot water. Dry off from the tub without letting yourself get chilled. Rub a mild liniment (menthol rub) all over your chest and back (may need a friend to help) and sides of rib cage. Put on a set of thermal underwear (long johns) and thick wooly socks and crawl into bed heaped with quilts ( or turn up the electric blankets) with a hot water bottle hugged to your chest. Sleep till morning. The Fire in the Hole method will shift all but the most virulent of feverish aliments.

  2. Thank you so much for these – I am in need of a bit of comfort at the moment.
    On the issue of restless leg syndrome, I suffered terribly with it but found that the thing that made the biggest difference was cutting out white flour. Now if I eat anything with it in, even by accident then I suffer at night but if I don't then the rls is hardly noticeable. Cutting out white bread made the biggest difference and I noticed it within two days of stopping eating it!
    Hope this helps, love your site as always

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