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  1. I can't tell you how much I love this post. i dread grocery shopping–simply hate it–but a post like this makes me realize that it could be fun, if I chose to look at it that way. Thanks.
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  2. Oh, I wish I had a Mecca near me! I am sure I would be breaking the household budget regularly on just such a lovely collection of puttery foodie delights. Fancy, just this morning I vented my spleen through an on-line survey for my local supermarket, as like Grace, I simply loathe grocery shopping. If they stocked lavender sugar, and ginger and lime washing up detergent, I think I would adore it.
    I can't wait for Week 2 of Trash It or Treasure It.
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  3. "like to pretend I'm posh" LOL 🙂 I'd have to take a plane two trains a helicopter and a bicycle built- fo-r two to get fresh lavender. And if I ate it I'd be a laughingstock. But the scent would surely be worth it.

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