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  1. Thank you for re-posting that treat. I don't really start to "feel" Winter until after Christmas. October is full of family birthdays, Thanksgiving and Halloween (I'm a transplanted Canadian), November and early December is Advent and planning for Christmas. Not until the quarterly bills hit the doormat right after Christmas (a Scrooge-like practice if there ever was one. Needs banning tout suit) that I regard at the next few months until Easter with a bit of a sulky countenance. You post made me smile and reminded me that there's plenty of putteryness to be found in Winter.

  2. I love the "Winter friend" idea! I've read the same author a few books in a row, but never on purpose exactly – I love the idea of doing it intentionally. Although as a writer that could be dangerous if I get too submerged in a single voice at once. Did you have a Winter friend this year?

    1. I have chose Edith Wharton as my literary friend for this year as I have read so little of her work and rather thought it was time. That said its already January and I'm only one book in… still like Alison says below, the truly long nights of Winter have really only just started haven't they?

  3. Lovely! I've decided to try out Grace Livingston Hill as my "winter friend". I've been meaning to read one of her books for years but have never gotten around to it. I found a 3 volume-in-one paperback on eBay so if I get on a roll I've got 2 more books at my fingertips. Likewise, if I decide to move on, I didn't spend a fortune! 🙂

  4. Oh I Love the idea of my house being all warm, alive & welcoming when I come home from a long dreary day! Why have i never thought of something as simple as TIMERs? ThanK You Alison for the brilliant idea!

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