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  1. Naughty Library patron, bad Library Patron on your rug! Actually most of us don't mind you borrowing and reserving and even renewing – its the overdues and fines we no likey….!!! Plenty to do now from your list chicky!… best get started!

  2. Thanks for that list. It made me smile when nerves were touched. I appreciate the hard work you put into compiling it it! Doing a stock take of the pantry has been on my conscience for a while and calling it a puttery treat makes it more appealing. In my case its not about being anal, but otherwise wasteful- many a jar of chesnuts and coconut milk have fallen prey to Best before dates not honoured.

  3. Alison, I just love your gorgeous lists of puttery treats. Your really should write a book you know. Rita Konig has nothing on you! I'm going to be taking note of all these lovely ideas and doing them! x

  4. These lists of yours really bring a smile to my face! Yesterday I washed my tiles floors as usual and when I was rinsing with vinegar water I thought of you. It is so nice to remember the 'vintage' or more natural way of doing and cleaning and being.

  5. I like it. Especially the Early Night! I read the list when I got home from work today, thoroughly out of sorts, and thought…yes, I'll do that tonight!
    One problem though, I was awake again at 2 a.m. Hence my posting at this pre-dawn hour! Ack! 🙂
    Milky coffee anyone?
    Ali x

  6. Oh no, no tellings off from me Miss May! I think that borrowing lots of books….especially scrumptious books…is the best way of showing library love that there is! I just wish all our members down here would come in and ask for their alloted 14 books that would make them really happy, and want to rush home and read them!
    I think you deserve an extra nice treat for suggesting such a lovely idea…and for this whole delicious list of treats, infact! Thanks Alison!

  7. Can you imagine how splendid a day it would be to fill the time with as many of these wonderful goodies as possible all on one day!? Wow! Bliss divine!

  8. Oh…my…goodness. I can't even tell you how happy reading that list just made me…in fact I want to print it off an put it on my fridge! BEAUTIFUL!

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