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  1. Thank you, thank you. I have been looking for spring-time puttery treats! I have been having a hard time waiting for spring{ it snowed here 3″ just yesterday} and this is just the ticket for boosting me on toward spring. Thank you again!!

  2. Your comment about pictures not always needing frames was spot on. Sometimes I get lovely greetings cards which are too nice to throw away but I can’t justify stuffing away in a box. I cut the front picture out and blutack it on a kitchen cupboard or stand it up on a shelf somewhere. The current favourite is a Mediterranean courtyard theme, with bistro style table and chairs and bottle of wine on the table whilst plants and flowers run riot in the sunshine. Am desperately trying to recreate this vibe on our patio, but it is still a work in progress.

  3. start a running away fund…..Even if I never run away how wonderful to know that I have some $$$ tucked away and I COULD run away.

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