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  1. Ooooh, so lovely! I just spent the afternoon with my children going in circles in a maze, playing pitch and putt and having a generally delightful old fashioned time, I can carry on the gentle summer vibe by putting lots of these into practice
    My recent post Half term week confessions

  2. Fabulous!! Can i ask a question? How did you get all of the cool buttons for tumblr, stumbleupon etc; above? I'd love to have something like that on my site!

    1. Hello Hon, it's plug-in called Sexy Bookmarks, super easy to install and lot's and lot's of options available.
      Happy weekend!

  3. I like that one about eucalyptus oil on a string to repel slugs. Didn't know about that!

    1. I am positively harssed by them at the moment and what's worse is that they get in my laundry room and slither around the floor so I've started adding a little eucalyptus to my mop bucket and so far so good…
      Between that and using lavender oil to rid myself of the diddy little cabinet beetles eating my window-frame I feel quite proud of myself!

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