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  1. Great ideas, but I must say that I adore February. Maybe it's just me, but I can feel the quickening of the earth as it starts to shake of winter and wake up to the world. Take a look around and you'll see some of the animals starting creep back out, some birds returning from the south, and even some particularly brave flowers like snowdrops, peeking out of the snow. It's honestly one of my favorite months and feels much more like a new year than january does.

  2. I have always found February a little grey too, but in the past few years have started to look forward to it- because of all the lovely puttery treats it takes to make it bearable! Isnt that a little perverse? Ahh, I worry not, for I am away to light some more candles!

  3. I love your blog…..keep writing….visit me someday at blogging since May 2007 and married since 1982…..Yikes111

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